1. doeling, young or baby goat; goat, ibex; doe, nanny goat, nanny, nan, she-goat; buck, ram, billy goat, billy, he-goat.
2. kidskin, goatskin, doeskin, leather, tanned hide or skin, hide skin; doeskins, kid gloves, leather gloves.
3.Informal. child, youngster, youth, youngling, young one, moppet, tyke, Inf. kiddy, Archaic. childe, Usu. Offensive. pickaninny; son, daughter, Scot, and North Eng. bairn; juvenile, adolescent, teenager, Sl. chavey, Scot. wain; girl, little girl, lass, lassie, Irish Eng. colleen, miss, Inf. missy, Inf. junior miss, Inf. chicken; boy, little boy, lad, stripling, sprig, junior, Inf. shaver, Scot, and North Eng. callant, Both Irish Eng. spaleen, gossoon; brat, imp, urchin, gamin, whippersnapper, Sl. punk, Contemptible. whelp; tomboy, gamine, hoyden; shrimp, wisp, Inf. small fry, Inf. squirt; tot, toddler, tiny tot, U.S. Inf. tad, preschool er; puppy, pup, cub, kitten, chit, chick, lambkin; baby, babe, infant, newborn, neonate, papoose, suckling, nursling, weanling, cherub, innocent, Fr. enfant, It. bambino.
1.Informal. tease, badinage, chaff, pull [s.o.'s] leg, Inf. josh, Inf. rib, Inf. fun, Sl: put [s.o.] on, Sl. jive; ridicule, make fun of, mock, mimic, make game of, sport, Inf. rag; banter, jest, joke, joke or kid around, be facetious, be frivolous or flippant; trifle with, toy with, play with, make sport of, make light of.
2.Informal. trick, hoax, play a practical joke on; fool, befool, dupe, gull, take in, bamboozle, Inf. put [s.t.] over on; humbug, deceive, delude, cozen, cheat, swindle, Inf. flimflam, Inf. flam; impose upon, abuse, misuse, maltreat, use, take advantage of.

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